PSD Underwear

Growing up in new york, Ryan and Curt Flaitz were connoisseurs of sports and music culture. From an early age, the brothers noticed that among the athletes and artists they admired, there were specific people who stood out creating culture and not following it. They were innovating and not initiating. These were the true players. The people who didn't care what everyone else was thinking or doing. They lived life their way.

Athletes quickly found the brand and fell in love with it. Their message rang true as PSD started popping up backstage and in NFL and NBA locker rooms. With guys like Jimmy Butler and Chandler Parsons now part of the ownership group, those connections run deeper than ever. Wear Your Life isn't just a tagline, it's a way of making your way through the world. It's a celebration of the creators, players, and innovators who aren't afraid to live life their way.


La Jolla Group and PSD signed a shared services agreement in 2019, with La Jolla Group offering back-end infrastructure, tools and processes including ecommerce, distribution, logistics and finance to support the front-end design and marketing efforts of PSD. As a result, PSD has capitalized on the strength of the brand despite the challenges created by the pandemic, accelerating its growth and strengthening its financial position.